In Europe, the right to the protection of personal data is recognized as a fundamental right (the Lisbon Treaty and the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights) and the problem arises when the head of the data controller is located in States that don’t have a discipline equally warranted. Therefore, Regulation no. 2016/679 contains a clause that will overcome the problem of “what right to apply” in the case of different regulations, by establishing a single discipline to which any person offering goods and services to any citizen of the European Union, even if not established in its territory.

For these reasons, the idea of the SAFE HARBOR project is born, which seeks to tackle the delicate problem of legal training of European legal practitioners to enhance knowledge of EU substantive and procedural law in the specific area of the right to the processing of personal data, for better harmonization with the national legal systems of the Member States.

This e-learning course is addressed to lawyers, bailiffs, Data Protection Officers and other legal practitioners linked to the judiciary, primarily called upon to apply and interpret the law in order to protect the citizens from abuses, violations or injuries to their fundamental rights.



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